Thursday, September 23, 2010

Big girl beds are for....

.....nope I won't say it. I won't say that SOMEONE that lives in my house is sleeping in a bed that ISN'T a crib. I also WON'T say that she's taken the transition like a champ. That at night 5 she went to bed without getting up at all. I also WON'T say that at nap time today she only got up once.

This is too soon. I refuse to admit that my child is a ::gulp:: big girl.

(I risked my life taking this pic. And by my life I mean waking a sleeping child.)

When it's time to sleep I say "Are you ready to go night night in your Dora bed?" She stops what she's doing and we hold hands and walk to her room. She climbs in bed and I give her Heidi (her sock monkey) and her blankie. I give her a kiss then have to kiss any boo boo she has at the time (tonight was 3) and I shut the door. At night I leave the hall light on until she falls asleep. I've noticed she falls asleep faster if I do. Should I get her a night light? I don't want her getting up at night and playing and the dark seems to keep her in bed. If I hear her out of bed I just go into her room and pick her up and put her back in bed. No talking, no eye contact. The most she has ever gotten out of bed was 5 times and she was still asleep in less than 45 minutes. I feel like that's pretty good.

::sob:: I'm not ready for this!!

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