Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A lovely fall Sunday afternoon

It was the first Sunday of the football season y'all! I was itching to see a game. Of course Avery and I had to represent our team.

I was double dog dared by someone on Twitter to wear these to church that day, in Bengals country. Already planning on it sir! :) We did get a few side-eyes but really, who is gonna trash talk in church right?

Much to my dismay I have grown accustom to not being able to see the Colts game when there is also a Bengals game on. This was the case on Sunday. I planned on just following along online with the in game updates. That being said, WHY ON EARTH do you need to have the Bengals game on TWO FLIPPING CHANNELS?? Oh, and the Steelers/Falcons game on two more channels? Those were the only two 1:00 games being shown in the tristate. Southwest Ohio....FAIL. It was even more awesome when my internet decided it didn't want to work that day.

I spent pretty much all the game following along on my phone. Both on the Colts website with the in game updates and on Twitter following the Colts hashtag. My poor followers that don't like football were surely sick of me on Sunday. I was messing around on Twitter and saw someone mention a player that used to play for the Colts, Cato June. I tweeted something along the lines of "Cato June is on Twitter? #diedandgonetoheaven" AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED NEXT!

OH.EM.GEE! I died. No one else seemed to feel as excited about it as I did. Is it because he plays in the UFL now? In Omaha? Because no normal girl cares about football as much as I do? Meh, screw em. Cato June @'ed me....SQUEEEEEEEE. Did I tell y'all I'm really starting to like Twitter, you know, after I got the hang of it.

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Canadian Bald Guy said...

I consider myself a football fan and I'll admit to NEVER knowing who Cato is.


Oh...and you really aren't missing much by not seeing the Colts play.

Just sayin'.

Your tweets on Sunday were very entertaining. There's something very appealing about a woman who knows her football.

And that's a really cute pic of you two...even if the jerseys aren't the greatest.