Sunday, September 19, 2010

A BMT story

#####'s diagnosis is CID which is Combined Immune Deficiency syndrome, simply put. This means that she does have an immune system, but it doesn't work at all; therefore, they classify her has having NO immune system. Strange way to go about it, but it makes sense once you understand it a bit better. The 'combined' part simply means that both her T-cells and B-cells are affected. They do not communicate with each other or anything else. As well as dealing with this, the PET scan showed clusters of tumors all over her lymphatic system. There are abnormal cell growths on the tumors that they removed.

##### is a tough little girl, she is so happy every day. I wish that I had the same outlook on life that she does.....everything is going to be fine....that's what she tells me. Smart girl!

(Names removed for protection. Don't worry, I had permission.)

This is a little girl going through hell. With the most positive outlook I have ever seen. She went into transplant with a mismatched donor, very risky. She has had numerous complications. She is doing MUCH better. She is an inspiration. This little girl smiles no matter how lousy she is feeling. She always has something sweet or funny to say. Her parents beam with pride just mentioning her name.

She MIGHT not have had a mismatched donor if there was a greater number of people to select from.

Did you sign up to be a match yet? No? It's free for the month of September. Go here. Click on join the registry at the top.
Do it for her.

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