Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall is in the air

We all know that summer is the best season like EVER. But, second on my list is most definitely fall. And no fall is complete without one of these.

Mmmm. Non-fat, no whip please! :)

Leaves changing colors, cooler air, pumpkin spiced lattes, scarves, hoodies, ahhhhhh. The absolute worst part about fall? It leads into winter. But, we won't think of that until, oh, November mkay?

I went shopping with my sister the other day for a few things for her. We stopped at The Children's Place and I stocked up on a few fall things for Avery. A few fall/winter things. $5 screen print tees, leggins, hoodies, a hat, and this cute skirt.

Hell-freakin-o how cute is that? Paired with the leggings and black uggs I got her (don't worry they were consignment) she will be the cutest kid on the block. I believe I uttered the words "I'm so screwed" for the billionth time in her life while I was combing the racks. Cute outfit? MY KID HAS TO HAVE IT! I swear it's an illness. We all know she would look cute in a brown paper sack, but I just LOVE dressing her up in cute outfits. It's like my mom didn't give me enough Barbies when I was young or something. (I know mom, you gave me plenty and I swear I'll find them....someday.) We already have a lot of stuff that we bought at the end of season last year and stored. I also went to the consignment store and stocked up on jeans and yoga pants...SCORE! (Oh and the baby uggs...squeeee!!!!) She has a Northface-ish jacket we snagged last year for like $5 that I might use as her winter coat. She loves huge puffy jackets about as much as I do and her car seat loves them even less. We prefer layers.

Back to work tomorrow night for three in a row. I'm a little sad that I'm working on the unofficial last weekend of summer. This weekend used to be filled with boating and cookouts and good friends for me. It always makes me feel a little off to not be on the water during the summer holidays. But, nothing can stay the same right?

Good Lord, am I done rambling yet?

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Canadian Bald Guy said...

Y'know...I'm actually a fall fan myself. I can do without summer as long as it was spring and fall most of the year.

I'm GLAD it's September, tho. Fall is my favorite time of the year.

Jen said...