Sunday, September 12, 2010


Look! Avery eats fish! Specifically, salmon since that is the only fish I will eat besides tuna. I love that Avery is such a great eater. She thinks cold peas or cold green beans are a great snack. Blueberries ("beebees") will get her to do just about anything. Of course, we did order a pizza last night for dinner and she chowed down with mom. But, she wouldn't sit down to eat until I put peas on her plate too and gave her a spoon.

Why is Avery such a good eater? She's never known any different. She has no idea what candy tastes like. Oh, I lie. I gave her a Junior Mint a few months ago and she spit it out. She's never tasted pop/kool aid/etc. Apple juice makes her get a horrible diaper rash so we stick to mostly milk and water around here. She LOVES carrots and hummus.

When Avery started solids it inspired me to eat better. I don't want to put crap in her mouth, why would I put it in mine? We aren't perfect but we've made great strides in the right direction. I've always been a fairly healthy eater so it's not a huge leap for me. Lately we've been loving sitting down and munching on steamed broccoli with a little salt, pepper, and lemon juice for a snack. Or chilled green beans dipped in ranch. I actually served them as "french fries" the other night with turkey burgers. I love knowing the eating habits I'm instilling in her now will follow her for a lifetime.


leaving~the~girl~behind said...

Hey Jen-

I love this post and really hope to have the same luck instilling great eating habits in my coming little one. Please keep posting great ideas like green beans as "french fries." I also try to eat healthy, but feel a really strong urge to become even better at it once I'm feeding a little mouth too! Could use all the healthy food tips that I can get before we reach the solid food stage!


Momma Sunshine said...

My two girls have a great appreciation for healthy food (although now that they're 5 & 7 they do like candy as well). I was always very careful with what they ate when they were young. And now that they're older, we're able to have great conversations about healthy food and the importance of eating it. Although we don't always make the healthiest choices (we all make poor choices from time to time) my girls do understand why it's important to eat healthy food as often as possible.

Eileen said...

I completely agree with not wanting to give your kids junk. The little girl I watch has some seriously healthy parents. She's never really eaten meat b/c her parents don't, thinks that peas and fruit are the best things ever and the only juice she drinks is a tablespoon added to water. It really is easy to find food for her because I can give her something like, cashews, frozen peas and some pasta and shes ecstatic.