Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Y'all I don't really cuss. Especially when SOMEONE, about 3 feet tall, is around. I go to church, I try to be a decent person. I keep a majority of my personal life out of the interwebz. ::waves:: Hi mom, other mom, ex mother-in-law. Maybe I should stop censoring myself so much. But sometimes SHIT is really all you can say. So SHIT SHIT SHIT and a DAMN for good measure.

Ahhhh, that's a little better. :)


Mom/Grandma said...

Ok I give up?? What was that for? Those aren't words you drop just because you are all grown up. Is everything okay?? Oh and dont be teaching my grand daughter(aka little tape recorder) those words either young lady! lol

Canadian Bald Guy said...

A carefully placed curse can stress a point perfectly when you want to make it.

And depending on who says it and when, it can be slightly hot.

Just sayin'.

Jen said...

See?? ::eyeroll:: Hi mom.

CBG how about four or five strategically placed curse words? ;)