Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Easy, yummy meal

A few of you have asked me to keep posting my healthy-ish eating tips and things that Avery eats.

(There is far too much green in this meal.)

This is what Avery and I had for lunch the other day. Apologies for the craptastic cell phone pic, there was a ravenous 21 month old clinging to my leg. Aves LOVES this lunch and gobbles it up. There is seldom anything left on her plate.

The wrap: I make tuna salad with very little mayo and spread on an entire wrap, all the way to the edges. This time I happened to have spinach wraps on the top of the drawer, she will eat any of them. Roll it up so it's a tight roll, I usually make sure some of the mayo-y stuff is on the edge to seal it shut. I take a pizza cutter and cut it into small toddler-sized pieces.

The green beans: I make a large steam fresh bag of them and they will last us a couple meals. She loves them cold, warm, with ranch to dip, whatever! This time they were just cold, straight from the fridge. She does the same thing with peas. We always have one or the other ready to go to just add to a meal or as a snack.

Speaking of peas. Avery absolutely LOVES cold peas and blueberries mixed together in one of these.

It's not blueberry season anymore so we've been coming up with other yummy snacks to put in the trap.

Apple season is upon us. I'm going to start searching for an orchard so we can go apple picking. I bought a few at the store a few days ago and Avery knows where they are hidden. "Mom...ah-puhl?" How can I resist? She eats more of it if I cut it up for her but she loves just being able to carry around the whole apple and bite off chunks. It kept her quiet before lunch time at the aquarium yesterday.

Do you have any tips? I'd love to hear 'em. We constantly need new ideas to mix it up.


Mom/Grandma said...

I must say she has come a long way from gaging on her babyfood peas to eating them cold!! I think it's time to retire the "NO MORE PEAS!!" bib.

ashley said...

i don't have any tips. but that wrap sounds yummy! i don't know how i did it, but my little girls loves brocolli and her veggies! i just hope it lasts! :)

Eileen said...

The girl I watch looooves frozen peas (my cousin too). Also quinoa has lots of protein and tastes great. You can make it with chicken stock like you would rice and add in veggies and meat at the end.
Peanut butter sandwiches are also a hit, along with cutting up nuts/seeds/raisins and mixing them together. Her mom almost always gives her oatmeal with some mixed in flax and brown sugar or honey for breakfast. Another thing Lily loves are black beans. She will eat them plain but I usually put a little cheese on them. She'll eat them with rice, or today in a tortilla. She also loves edamame and chickpeas. I will give her spaghetti with a scrambled egg for some extra protein too.
Cashews/pecans are great grabbable nuts, and you can mix them with cheerios for a quick, healthy and protein filled snack. Cheese sticks, and yogurt are also good protein sources.
Her parents are super healthy eaters, so I've learned some great tips on feeding a kid.