Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Can we discuss this train wreck?

I openly mocked the show since I first heard of it a number of weeks ago. It's shallow. And when a contestant gets eliminated the host, Shanna Moakler, tells them "Your wedding will still go on, it just won't be perfect."


Because you haven't undergone numerous procedures to improve your appearance your wedding won't be perfect? Call me old fashioned, but I always believed it was about the marriage, NOT the wedding. I, personally, wouldn't marry someone that can't look past my flabby ass, belly pudge, huge boobs, and stretch marks. (Then again, I'm still single nearly three years after my divorce.) I don't like 'em either buddy but if I have to deal with them, so do you.

I recently learned that a girl I went to high school with is a contestant in this three ring circus. And really? I'm not that surprised. She always was a bit shallow and full of herself. But, she also spewed constantly how big of a Christian and God lover she was. Which is great. I love God as much as the next person, but I don't try to maintain a perfect image. I make mistakes. I claim that. Tonight on the trailer for next week, we witnessed Ms. Perfect drop the F bomb on national tv. And the superficiality she is displaying by even BEING a part of this show? Wow.

She boasts that she gave her significant other a ultimatum and a time line for a proposal. Yeah, that.wont.work.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I kind of want to watch the show just to see what happens.


Amanda said...

I wanted to tune in to see how much of a wreck the show was going to be. I didn't make it home in time to watch it, but I am sure I will be able to find it on the web. I figured it was going to be huge train wreck! I can't believe she is on there but on the other hand it doesn't surprise me a bit! :)

Butterbean said...

i have yet to watch this. imma go search my guide and try and find it!!

Eileen said...

oh, my, GOD IT was awful! I think it will be one of those things where you just can't stop watching the trainwreck. It cracks me up that they portrayed her as 'the evil bitch' in the first episode though. She doesn't have a compelling story, and has already made enemies. this won't end well...for her.