Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday funday

And I worked Friday and Saturday night!

I got off work Sunday morning and headed home for a quick shower. I was meeting Ben to go to the Colts game. He called when I got out of the shower and said I might as well sleep for an hour because he wouldn't be there until noon. I set my alarm and laid down.

And slept until 11:15.


It takes 2 hours to get to Indianapolis.

The game was at 1.

I hopped up and threw everything in the car and headed to Indy. I didn't make it in time. And Ben informed me that the tickets he got WEREN'T EVEN IN THE SAME SECTION which I guess is the risk you take when you get tickets from a friend. So, we went to a bar to watch the rest of the game (his suggestion) because really what's the point in meeting to spend time together if we weren't even in the same section in the stadium?

And that's when I knew he really did love me. He gave up AMAZING seat(s) to the game because he wanted to hang out with me. I guess that and he goes to almost every game. And later, in the hotel, when I was watching ESPN highlights and browsing on my phone he said "I didn't know you were that into football" and "we could have gone to the game if you would have rather done that". But honestly, as pumped as I was about going to the game, I don't regret missing it at all. We had an awesome day.

And there will be plenty more games to go to together.

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