Friday, November 19, 2010

Do you remember when I bitched about three on two off three on?

HEY GOD! I GET IT!! I'll stop complaining about it. Because I worked Friday and Saturday and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Which means I put in 60 hours in 6 days except it was really more than that because four of the days I didn't clock out until at least 8:10am. And who is the genius that schedules a doctors appointment at noon on Wednesday? That would be me. Which means I slept about an hour during the day on Wednesday.

Thursday I was a real treat. Just ask Ben. I went on some irrational tangent about how he wasn't respecting me and hung up on him. And I passed out and didn't hear him call me back. Perhaps I should warn people when I'm short on sleep. Because OH.EM.GEE I CAN'T TALK TO YOU RIGHT NOW!! You're BREATHING TOO LOUD! And WHO THE HELL is this tiny human in my house wanting me to feed it all the time?

How am I supposed to get through this massive to do list when all I can manage is to sit in a corner and rock with drool on my chin?

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