Monday, November 22, 2010

Taking pictures

has quickly become a hobby of mine.

An expensive hobby.

But thankfully my mom foot a large chunk of the start up. And sometimes I go days and days and days AND DAYS without a decent picture because my only subject IS BEING A FREAKING DIVA. And I'm not one to take a picture of a flower or a blade of grass, just not my thing. I like faces, people, feet. (Especially baby feet.)

And sometimes I take a picture and think....meh. And then I stumble upon it two weeks later and I find it so breathtakingly sweet that even though it's no where near a "good" picture it's perfect to me. Even though this pic is SOOC I don't think I want to do a thing to it.

But I've decided that I want to practice more. I want to take pictures of people other than my super adorable daughter. People that hold still, people that are different than the toddler that has ADHD and a fascination for airplane spotting.

And I want to take Avery to different places. I want to find a dried brown field to take her to for a few shots. Or maybe revisit that old wagon at the produce stand.

And MAYBE that teal Jo Tote will show up in my mailbox.

Juuuuuust sayin'.

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