Saturday, November 13, 2010

Google Analytics

God bless you.

I don't check Analytics very often. I recently checked and it seems my blog had a HUGE spike on November 9th. The blog that day: "The confessional".

Nosy bastards. :) (I'm obviously kidding.)

Almost every single post referring to Ben has had a high number of page views. As well as the post where I called Bill O'Reilly a douche.

Fun fact "in our socks" is the top keyword that brought people to my blog recently. Followed closely by "single mom blogs".

So, is this what people want to hear? Deets about the personal life? How PREDICTABLE of you! I bet it's because I said shit, damn, and douche in the highest rated posts. That or my mom is reading my blog a dozen times a day, which I believe to be true.

BOOBS! ( . ) ( . )

(, ping, ping.......pingpingping) (did you HEAR ALL THOSE BLOG HITS?)

That totally just reminded me that I tweeted recently that my boobs were out of control and resembled those of a porn star. They were absurd. And continue to be....daily. (pingpingpingpingping)

WEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLL, if you MUST know. Things continue to go well with Ben. Which is a pretty generic update. Figuring out the logistics of a relationship can be quite tricky when we live 5 hours apart. Especially when one of us is preparing to move quite a bit farther. But, we are able to see each other twice this week so for now we are focusing on that.

This blog post got WAAAAAYYYY of track. Meh, it's my blog. DEAL!

IN OUR SOCKS! (ping)


Mom/Grandma said...

Ha!!Don't blame it on me. I know you can/do say those words. Remember I lived with you for18 years. lol

Eileen said...

you seriously crack me up :) I'm glad that your blog is gaining popularity--it is a good blog. I'm glad I found it, and that we aren't the same people in high school. We aren't nice to each other, and I wasn't particularly nice to myself. It is good to see how we have changed (for the better!!)