Saturday, November 20, 2010

I covet thee Jo Totes

I follow a delightful photographer's blog.

She recently linked up a sexy little number and instantly I was smitten.

Insert Jo Totes.

IT'S A FREAKING CAMERA BAG!! I know right, so freaking adorbs.

I'm head over heals for this one.

So I compiled a quick email to my mom, who started my obsession with cameras/photography and told her I MUST have this! Her reply: she might get one. What the eff MOM!??!? How freaking rude!

PS. I'm totally emailing Ben right now and telling him that in exchange for birthing his child I should get this. And if I end up getting two? My head will explode with joy.


Mom/Grandma said...
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Mom/Grandma said...

Well, I may have started your habit but I am not supporting it. I have my own habit to support. lol It is a cute bag and if you end up with two you have to send one to your mother. Remember for birthing YOU!! love you!!! :) lol

Jen said...

Not likely crazy lady!