Sunday, November 21, 2010

I was recently asked about expanding my blog.


I don't even know what that means. No one wants to read about my random bitching and surely NO ONE wants to read MORE OF IT! Sometimes I'm smacked with writers block so profound that I can barely type a tweet much less an entire entry.

And I'm totally no good at pimping myself out. "Yo yo yo, you wanna advertise on my site" hardly sounds business professional. "Hey wanna give me some shit so I can have a giveaway" doesn't sound that great either.

But I can say I already have an awesome design lady when I decide my blog needs a little sprucing up.

Perhaps I could get Xanax to sponsor my blog while I move across the country.

Or maybe Canon would like to feed my photography obsession?

How about the ladies that make dozens of handmade goodies that I so covet?

All wonderful options.

Holding out for Xanax.

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