Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ah I forgot to tell y'all the bathroom is done.

Well, almost. I still need to decorate and get hardware. By hardware I mean towel racks and toilet paper holder.

Oooooo perty. I feel so much better about the bathroom. Before I felt like I touched as little as possible in there because it was so gross. Bleh. I hated the peeling linoleum with the grossies that got stuck in between. I hated all the grime from the years of abuse and the time it sat empty. But now it's all new and clean and there isn't gross stuff stuck under the trim and between the pieces of linoleum. There aren't stains on the walls. Aaahhh. My own little OCD paradise.

Now if I could just feel the same way about my basement. ::shudder::

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Um, the crazy camera yielding one. (I call two separate people "mom". Yes, I know the definition. Yes, I was made from one of their eggs. ::shudder:: can we PLEASE not talk about my mom's ::gulp:: eggs.)

Psssst. Check this out. I lub it. Like really, really lub it. She makes other really cute ones too. Why am I telling you this? Because 1. you created this monster. No really, you did so shut up and deal with it. 2. You've caused me to spend unnecessary dineros, so I'm planting a seed for you to spend unnecessary dineros.


Did you ever buy that camera bag? :D

Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm not saying anything, just want to put this out there in the universe

I've been working out for 6 days. Well, 5 days. I took Sunday off. I've been conscious of what I eat for almost 2 weeks now.

I'm down 6lbs exactly as of this evening. I'm going to wait and recheck in the morning since historically I weigh less in the morning butt arse naked.

I'm very happy with the results thus far. My mom told me my butt was looking smaller. LOL!

That is all.

Let's play a game:

I've been dying to know who's out there.

So come in and get comfy. Would you like a glass of sun tea? I brewed it myself! A little Q&A time. Ask me anything. Don't be afraid, I don't bite. Don't want to reveal yourself? How about you just post it anonymously.


Spring/summer clothes...

I pulled out all of Avery's clothes for the upcoming season. One of the things to get done on my to do list while off work. I went through everything to see what else she would need for the spring/summer. Pretty sure that she doesn't need A THING! Here's the inventory:

9 dresses
9 outfits
10 pants/shorts/skirts
4 pajamas
20 shirts (TWENTY!)
2 sandals
2 "summery" shoes
4 swimsuits
3 sunhats
1 raincoat
3 jackets/hoodies

Add this to the pants, shirts, pajamas, dresses and shoes that can be carried over from the winter and I think we are set for the summer! Oh and we have some things for the next winter.(6 shirts, jacket, 2 pr gloves, 2 sweaters, sweatpants)

I love buying things at the end of the season. As I was looking through it most everything had a clearance sticker on it. $2 here, $4 there. I only bought things $20 or $30 at a time and just put them back in a large rubbermaid tote in the bottom of her closet along with the things that other people have gotten for her. So now I have her whole wardrobe for the season and I don't feel like I spent a ton of money and didn't have to drop it all at one time!

I'm looking into other ways to save money. We're doing ok now, but I'd like to tighten the belt a bit to pay off some debt and build a little savings. I need to get better about using coupons. I do rather well at buying on sale but a coupon would help on top of it. Someone recently told me that they buy their milk and some dry goods at dollar general and this helps them. Genius!

What are you doing to buckle down? Who wants to help this one income family out with some tips? I've made steps in the right direction. For example:

1. We don't use paper towel. I have a basket of small towels on the counter in my kitchen that we use. I thought no paper towels would really bother me, but honestly, I never even missed them.

2. Cloth diapering. A sizable up front cost but now I rarely spend anything on diapers. I do keep disposables in the house for at night occasionally and when the babe wears jeans. She has a big booty and with the big diaper she doesn't fit in jeans. Also, when traveling.

3. I've been more conscious about our energy consumption. Almost nothing remains plugged in all the time. We got the awesome washer and dryer and all of our lights are compact florescent.

4. I have a clothes line in the back yard that I can't wait to start using again. This really helped me last summer to avoid the ancient piece of crap that was my old dryer.

5. I really want to have a small garden this year. Like REALLY REALLY. I'm looking into options that would be best suited for us.

6. In conjunction with the garden, I've been tossing around the idea of a compost bin Look y'all, I told you I was kind of a hippy. This really shouldn't shock you.

7. I've been thinking of getting rid of the cable. GASP! I don't mind so much for me, I'm just thinking of Avery and her beloved Nick Jr. She watches a few shows a day which makes me think I could just buy them on DVD and save over $50 a month there. I absolutely MUST have internet.

So maybe I'll do some more mulling around in my head on money saving tips. I'd LOVE to hear what you do!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Have you ever

just had one of those "poor me" moments? When you sit back and wonder what the heck happened to get you to this place in your life?

Actually, I'm able to follow the progression that got me here. Some of those choices weren't the greatest decisions to make, but they are decisions I made none the less. I can honestly say that I wouldn't go back and change anything given the opportunity. I've learned so much about myself and grown so much. Each and every one of those decisions brought me closer to this

and how can I regret any of that?!

So for now, I remind myself that I have placed my life in more capable hands. And I think a chocolate chip cookie is just what I need to get out of this funk. :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Playtime this morning after our shower. She was all about brushing her teeth and not so much about putting on clothes. I finally got a diaper on her. Oh and she insisted on carrying around a cloth wipe most of the day. (We use boy themed and neutral wash cloths to keep them separate from her regular wash cloths.)

And mommy feels better now knowing those diapers and wipes are EXTRA clean. :)

Squeaky clean and earth friendly!

My washer and dryer are a piece. Literally. They were manufactured in at least the 80s but I'm thinking it's somewhere closer to the 70s. The dryer has rust in it and sometimes it transfers to our clothing. (Or white down blankets.) Lately I've noticed that some of Avery's shirts have come out with chunks of food still on them. Does this mean her diapers aren't even really getting clean? They use a ridiculous amount of water for a medium load, let alone a large load. The dryer takes at least 90 minute to dry a load of clothes.

Get the picture?

This week I went out and bought a BRAAAAAAAND SPANKING NEW washer AND dryer. No I have not hit the lottery. I did not pay full price, not even close. I was fed up with the state of our clothes and grossed out that they only get "kinda" clean. Heck, I could swirl them around in the bathtub and do a better job. I was at the Sears Outlet and stumbled upon these beauties:

The washer and dryer look EXACTLY the same, aside from some wording on some buttons. Both load on the top, like a washer. This is the Fisher & Paykel Intuitive eco model. The washer uses 75% less water than standard models. It has auto sensing water levels so I don't have to remember to set the water level lower or higher. It has so many cool options. My fav so far: a DIAPER RINSE! Y'all this thing KNOWS there are crazy cloth diapering hippies out there! It rinses out the diapers before a wash even starts. I can set the level of dirtiness or the type of clothing I'm putting in it. Or I can set it on auto and it will sense the types of clothing. ABSURD! I can set it on stains and what type of stains. Whether it's grass or wine or blood. How crazy is that?! It has favorites that I can program to wash specific things (like the wash routine for the diapers) and will "handwash" delicates, even wool. But what I may like the most? The energy star sticker tells me I can run this washer for $11 a YEAR. ELEVEN DOLLARS A YEAR! I think it cost me $11 every time I LOOKED at my old washer. The dryer is just as smart. It can sense the fabric, dampness, and weight of the load and only runs until the clothes are dry. Oh, and it has a wrinkle free option. The dryer is HUGE! It also beeps when it is done so the clothes don't sit in there. (If you know me, this is a fantastic option to put on a dryer in my house.)

After they were installed I put in a load of diapers (gotta break 'em in proper) and they just seemed so much cleaner when they came out. They were only slightly damp when they came out of the washer and dried in the dryer in no time. They were soft and I didn't smell ANYTHING on them. I know it's gross y'all but sometimes her diapers would come out and smell a I had to take bleach to them to kill whatever bacteria was living in them to give them that smell. Of course that's more washing and rinsing since we have sensitive skin around here and can't use bleach and it makes the diapers break down faster. Another perk, they use a fraction of the detergent other washers use. Another money saver!

So far I give the new washer and dryer two HUGE thumbs up and a jersey shore fist pump.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dear Spring...

Welcome! We've missed you around here.

"Avery where is your belly?"


15 month check up: success!

Weight: 25 lbs 5oz (75th-90th percentile)
Height: 32 in (90th percentile)
Head circum. 18.25 in (50th percentile)

Milestones - MET and then some!

She loves her doctor. There are multiple in the practice but I always try to schedule with one. It doesn't always work out, but we get her when we can. She likes Avery and remembers my name and that I moved here from Indianapolis no matter how long it's been since we last saw her. She asked me if we were settled in and used to the area and if I've visited Riley and Indy lately. (I haven't and I so need to get over and see old friends!) As soon as she walked in the door Avery said "HI!" and crawled right up on her lap. Like I said, she doesn't know a stranger. Avery spent most of the visit pointing at the door "mommy, baby, outside" She remembered all the babies in the lobby and wanted to go see them. She got 4 shots, which I'm pretty sure hurt me more than they hurt her, and we were outta there. She told the doctor "tink yew" and "bye bye" and we left.

It's safe to say I'm one proud mommy! :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Poop on the carpet? Is this what my life has come to?

During "nakey time" tonight Avery decided it was a great idea to poop on the carpet! Trust me I didn't capture it on film for her faithful followers. To make it extra special disgusting she stepped in it and walked around! Ugh.

I attempted a photo shoot the other day but the drama queen was having none of it.

::le sigh:: It would have been so cute too. Maybe another time.

I am LOVING having this week off. Even though my throat is still really sore. It's not just my throat either but my jaw. And sometimes I get these shooting pains in my mouth like a bad tooth or something. It's so weird. And annoying. I'm taking 2- 500mg Tylenol twice a day now and it seems to be covering it pretty well. Every day is a little bit better than the last.

Tomorrow Avery goes in for her 15 month check up. Luckily we got the good doctor so I want to talk to her about a few things, not that I wouldn't bring them up with Dr. Smarter-than-you I just know that they would be dismissed and not actually discussed. I'm hoping that she will be up for a quick trip to the library for baby time after. She's getting shots so I think we'll just play it by ear.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Naughty words

I'm not much of a naughty word user. I try to watch what I say for the most part, with the exception of work. I'm not the first nurse that has said work just brings it out of them. (And no, we don't say naughty words around the kids.) The other day we got a new reason to watch what we say more carefully.

My brother came in the house and said the word that starts with S and ends with H-I-T. Immediately we heard the same word from a cute little parrot. On a different occasion my mom said the same word, and again was repeated. So now we are REALLY watching what we say around little miss Avery. It's not such a big deal at my house, it's just her and I. The real issue is going to be at my parents. I hope we can nip this before it becomes an issue.

"No more naughty words!"

Is it just me?

Or does the warm weather instantly put you in a better mood? Yesterday Avery and I drove with the windows down, in our sunglasses, dancing to the radio. She looked adorable.

We sat on the porch last night and had a snack and played in the yard for a bit.

Let's hope the nice weather is here to stay.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top of the mornin to ya!

Happy St. Patty's Day everyone! Are you wearing your green?

I've been on quite the hiatus. I worked Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights. Last night was rough. I was tired, I was cranky, and I REALLY didn't want to go to work. Luckily, or not so luckily, I had a very busy patient so the night went quickly. I only had the opportunity to sit down a few times and felt like I was chasing my tail all night. One thing after another after another. It just wasn't my night. More importantly, it wasn't the greatest night for my patient either. Very sad.

Avery has a tooth or two juuuuust below the surface on the bottom. About time. She got 6 teeth all together around 8 or 9 months and now not a thing since. I was beginning to think she was only going to have 6 teeth forever. At this rate she won't have a full set of teeth until she's in high school. I think molars are going to be super duper.

Tomorrow is the big day.

I get my tonsils out at 10am. I was nervous when I first scheduled the surgery, but now, dealing with my third bought of tonsillitis since January, I'm ready to be rid of them. I've never had surgery, never been under anesthesia. I'm 25 years old, I'm having my tonsils out. Many people have told me about their experiences. When they were 6. Or in 1st grade. Or 9. I'm 25. heh I'm 25. Maybe they'll give me a sucker. Maybe if I'm REALLY brave I'll get a scooby doo band-aid. Is it true that the recovery is harder the older you get? Has anyone else ever had their tonsils out as an adult? I've heard horror stories.

I need to whip this house into shape. I'm waiting on the babe to give up and nap. I doubt I'm going to feel like doing a lot of cleaning tomorrow or Friday and I'd like to have a clean house to enjoy my 13 days off. Yes, you read that right. THIRTEEN DAYS OFF. That tonsillectomy is sounding better and better. I worked 8 out of the last 12 days and I really let some things go around here. I've got laundry started and the kitchen mopped. Truthfully, it doesn't get THAT bad when you're only here for a couple hours a day that aren't spent sleeping. I may go enjoy a green beer tonight. I mean, it's St. Patrick's Day, I'm obligated, not because I'm Irish (I'm not). I am, however, a Ball State University alumni. Enough said.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I love thunderstorms.

There is nothing better than crawling into bed and listening to a storm. Hearing the rain hit the roof and the claps of thunder are incredibly soothing to me. I sleep so much better during storms than I do any other time. It doesn't matter the time of day, I'll sleep like a baby until the storm passes. If I'm already asleep when a storm rolls in, I'll have no idea it happened when I wake up.

A storm came in today for a brief time. Mommy and Avery both snuggled on the couch and dozed while the rain came down. It was DIVINE. It melts my cold, decrepit heart that Avery still loves to snuggle with her mommy. She still wants to be rocked before bed every night and she still sleeps with mommy if she doesn't feel so good. She's growing up right before my eyes. It's staggering to see how much she's changed in just a year. I'm glad there is still something she needs her mommy for.

It's still sprinkling a bit and I'm fighting sleep. I think I might just give in. At 9:30pm. On a Friday night.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I have tonsillitis...again. I'm getting those pains in my arse removed a week from tomorrow.

::head meet desk::

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm losing it

I'm exhausted.

I have little energy to do anything lately. I have my good days (like Saturday, Saturday was a good day) but as a general rule I'm beat down. My house is in the worse shape it's ever been in. I know there are a number of contributing factors: night shift, I'm not on my thyroid medication, I gained 20lbs after I stopped breastfeeding, etc. Many of these are in my control.

It's time for a change.

I went to the doctor Friday to start my medication for my thyroid again. The prescription is at the drug store to be picked up. My levels will be closely monitored over the next several months while I restart the medication. It's possible that my previous dose is no longer effective.

There is little I can do about my job right now. I'm trying to get on more of a set schedule so I work similar days a week or every few weeks when including weekends. The fact remains that I cannot afford to go to day shift right now. The increase in pay for working night shift is what makes us not have to stretch from paycheck to paycheck. I have been told of other opportunities that I am considering that would be an increase in pay. I love the people I work with and I like my job, but this is for me and my family. I need to make something work. For now, I'm hoping the more set schedule will help do the trick.

And lastly, about the weight. The medication will help kick start my metabolism. IT HAS FINALLY BEEN NICE OUTSIDE! I've got a YMCA pass now. I brought Avery's wagon over from my parents for walks. And of course....

Oh, Jillian Michaels, be kind to me. Don't be mistaken. I don't expect to actually lose 20lbs in 30 days. 1lb would be a victory in my book. The point is to get me motivated. To not only exercise but have the motivation and energy throughout the day to get things done.

But for now, I'll sit here and sip some coffee and pick up the house while the babe naps. We're going outside as soon as she wakes up! My thermometer is telling me it's in the 60s outside! It's sunny and beautiful. Obviously there will be picture taking involved.

Friday, March 5, 2010

What is your day like?

A blog I was recently directed to, Kelly's Korner, does a weekly "Show us your life" segment. I decided to play along today.

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

My day can go one of two different ways. Let's first start with I haven't worked the night before.

8-9am: Avery wakes up sometime in this hour. I stay in bed until she's awake. Night shifters get sleep where they can mkay.

9-10am: Avery eats breakfast and then I put on some form of cartoon. She dances around while I sit on the couch and try to form a coherent thought or drink a pot of coffee. Some days I'm feeling ambitious and hit the ground running. We both get showered and dressed in this time.

10am-noon or 1 pm: Run errands outside the house or do things inside the house (clean, bills, play with books, etc) Oh with lunch thrown in there somewhere.

Noonish or 1pm-4pm: Avery goes down for a nap and will sleep 3 hours. I will either lay down too and nap (If I work that night) or do other tasks she doesn't allow me to do during the day (read a book, do the dishes, fold a load of laundry, blog, facebook, dust, etc)

4pm: Avery's up from the nap. Bath if she needs one and didn't get one earlier (she bathes every other day). She gets a cup of milk and we have play time. This is usually when I do most of my picture taking.

5pm: Feed Avery dinner. I start getting ready for work that night if I have to go in. I will try to clean the kitchen or something while she's eating if I don't work.

6pm: Leave to take Avery to my parents so I can go to work. Avery watches Yo Gabba Gabba and we get jammies on if I'm home. In the evening is also the time we will visit with my parents.

7pm: Clock in at work and my "day" begins. (If I have to work)

8pm-8:30pm: Bedtime for Avery. Be that at my house or at my parents.

8:30pm-until I pass out: Catch up on DVR, fold clothes, read, blog, facebook, nothing at all!

Now if I had to work the night before:

8am: clock out of work and stumble to my car. Drive home.

8:30am: Arrive home. Take the worlds fastest shower.

8:35am: BED!!

noon: Alarm goes off. Time to get up and go get Avery.

12:10: Pick up Avery. She's usually already napped or is still asleep. She naps earlier at their house. Stay and visit with the family for awhile.

2ish: Go home, feed Avery, wish I was still asleep! Let Avery play.

5pm: Feed Avery dinner, get ready for work if I have to go back in. My night is the same until 7pm if I have to go back in. Lets say I don't shall we?

8-8:30pm: Avery goes to bed. I'm soon to follow.

I work 3, 12(13) hour shifts a week. They are generally in a row. I'll admit it to you now interwebz, I've been known to gate Avery and myself in the living room with lots of toys and nap on the couch while she plays in the afternoon. This doesn't happen often. Please, email me for the correct spelling of my last name. I want you to get it right when you call CPS. In all honesty, I don't really sleep. Between the smacks in the face and the constant "mahmee, git it" and the fingers up my nose, there really isn't time. I really am her favorite toy.

I'm adding grad school to the mix. Yes, I'm insane.

I'm anxious for spring to get here. Those afternoon times will be filled with the park on the next block, walks, and the backyard. I can't wait to get outside, to open my windows, and walk outside barefoot. Summertime working night shift is going to be harder, I won't want to come home and sleep during the day, but I know I will have to. Granted, it's only 3ish hours.

So friends, what does your day look like? I'd love to hear about it. Leave me a comment with your day or a link to your blog.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why hello there Easter!

We saw plenty of these:

while out and about on our adventure this morning. Easter really is right around the corner. Mmmmm Easter candy. I'll trade you my peeps for your peanut butter eggs!

Sometimes shopping is such a chore

Bear with me y'all because there is about to be a bit of complaining.

Some days I DREAD leaving the house with Avery. Only some days. Today was a some day. I left the house in search of very specific items. I get Avery in the car and back down the driveway. ACHOOOOOOOOO. She sneezes the biggest sneeze I have heard from her. OH EM GEE there is snot ALL OVER her face. I shake my fist at you allergy season! I put the car in park and go around and clean up the mess. Blanky, cheerios, and milk and we're on our way again. Upon arriving at our destination I pull Avery out of the car. Awesome, her carseat is covered in cheerios. Clean out the cereal, crap she lost a shoe...put shoe on, go inside. Wipe off a cart, put child in said cart, wipe snot again. Every single item I put in the cart had to first pass the inspection of Avery. Lord knows I can't sneak in a single item without showing her first and letting her play with it. This store doesn't carry the specific items I left in search of. Sweet. I pay for our purchases, wipe snot, put items in car, put child in car, wipe snot, give cereal, give blanky, leave.

Drive to second store in search of items. Oh, Avery lost her blanky, give back blanky, pick up thrown snack cup which makes child mad, turn up radio to drown screaming child out, wipe snot, dance with now happy child to the music, wipe snot. Arrive at second store. Put on shoes again, clear out cereal, pack blanky and cereal in bag for inside the store. Wipe down cart, put child in. Crap bum wheel, clean new cart, put child in. Walk around the store THREE times looking for said items. All the while dodging cheerios and wiping snot. Leave store, wrestle child back into carseat. Contemplate a trip to THIRD store, but Avery could use a nap. Point car towards home, dance with child, retrieve blanky, clap, and play tickle the thighs at the stop light. Go home, change a diaper, rock Avery and put her to bed.

Two hours and two stores and I'm exhausted. Oh, and I still didn't find the items I was in search of.

There. I'm done. Days like today I'm thankful that I only have one child. How fun would that be times two, or THREE! And Avery is a good child, sure she's loud, but she's not that bad. I'm just more annoyed than anything that I didn't find what I was looking for after all that.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010



Can you see that? CAN YOU?! Bulbs are blooming IN MY FRONT YARD!!

Happy dance happy dance happy dance

How YOU doin?

My bathroom is ALMOST done! YIPEE! Dad came over today and put up my mirror and light, trim, and caulked. I have a little touch up painting and I need to get towel racks and toilet paper holder as well as a new shower curtain. It looks so much better! I'm going to finish up the painting tonight after the Avenator goes to bed and hopefully get hardware and a shower curtain tomorrow.

What have we been up to? Between work and the bathroom we haven't done much else. I put up a couple coats of paint after Avery goes to bed. I've been reading more into grad schools. It's time to get serious. Stop screwing around. Oh and I went to bed at 7:45 last night! 7:45!! Avery went to bed early and I decided to follow 15 minutes after. We both slept until 9:30 this morning. It was GLORIOUS!

I've already taken a billion pics today. Actually 200 to be precise. :) They didn't all make the cut, but boy are there some cuties. Nathaniel came over for a bit and I got some of him too.

Cute, cute, cute!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Book sling

I entered myself in a giveaway for a book sling for Avery's room!

Wouldn't this just look darling in her room! My little book worm has TONS of books and this would be fantastic to organize them all.